Can I Kick It?

Putting The 'BEing' Back Into Human

What Is Coaching?

A question I get asked a lot is: “What is coaching?” Or “What do you […]

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Coaching Intensives

Hey, I guess you’re here at this very page looking at this Coaching Intensive because […]

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The Blueprint

5 Powerful Strategies To Help Overcome Your Long Term Addictions Click Here To Download Now! […]

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    Caroline Pattison “I have moved forwards in my life, something which I never […]

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The Confidence Factor

Would You Love To Feel Confident In Any Given Social Situation? Well, Now You Can […]

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Reach Out

Hey, Rob here. Just before you go ahead and click on the link that will allow […]

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    Here’s your chance to get my views on the world and challenges that […]

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7 Days To Kick It – Free Gift

Click Here To Download Now!   So, what is this vital substance that is so […]

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  I get a lot of people asking me “What do you do Rob?” And […]

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Robert Westerburg

Coach, Author, Public Speaker, Adventurer, Explorer.

I love life, but it wasn't always this way

Breaking free from depression and a gambling addiction. I created a life that I wanted. I wasn't 'BEing' myself in that dark place, which caused a lot of pain to loved ones and more importantly....myself. You can learn more about my story by downloading 'The Can I Kick It Blueprint.'

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