Caroline Pattison


“I have moved forwards in my life, something which I never thought possible and I cannot thank Rob enough for his coaching skills over the last year.

It has given me an understanding of why I have felt, acted, reacted, spoken and thought all the things I have in my life. My life has meaning and I understand where everything comes from now. This benefits everyone around me as I am a happier person, more positive and more able to be the fantastic mum and wife that I am.

I would never had said I needed coaching, but I truly believe after living the coaching process for the last year that everyone would benefit from it in some way. It’s just the most amazing introspective and positive experience you could hope for which will uncover a great deal and enable you to thrive in every area of your life.”

~ Caroline Pattison
Creator Of Miss Ellie Dance-Wear.


 Rob Stevens

Rob Stevens

“He has transformed and still continues to transform my life. Every time I speak to him I come away from the call with a beaming smile on my face. He has transformed and still continues to transform my life.

From being in the depths of depression and having days where ending it all felt like the only viable option. To realising I’m Fucking Awesome and capable of anything. He has allowed me to rediscover the real me. The fun loving guy who people love to be around

 Not only has he helped me remove my limiting beliefs of being a failure he also helps me to create an action plan to stop these beliefs reappearing and allowing me to create a life I love. Give him 1 hour of your time and he will having you seeing all the possibilities your life holds and ready to take action to make them your reality”

~ Rob Stevens
2 x World Kick Boxing Champion


Andrea Broughton 


“Rob has helped me overcome my fears within my own business which has made me much more confident along with earning more money.

From feeling very anxious every single day expecting negative things to happen, I now am very proud to say I get up every single day ready to greet the world, and all that it offers, good or bad. I feel that my journey is a very powerful and positive one.

Thank you x”

~ Andrea Broughton
Mrs B’s Childcare Services.



Nicola Griggs

Nicola Griggs

“Anyone that truly knows me will understand how HUGE this is for me…..

‘What are your dreams?’ he said.

‘Follow your passion’ he said.

I’m not going to join the dots for you Nic, you have to do that for yourself.’

‘What are your values Nic? are you living them?’

The fear of being judged. The fear of getting it wrong. A HUGE fear of not being good enough BUT!……

It’s taken since March,(2015) and the penny finally dropped…..

A pagan, tree-hugging hippie, hugely humanitarian with a geeky science obsession, whose values are… 

Passion, Kindness, Mindfulness.



Paperwork signed,
Life re-arranged for…

… A BA degree in environmental studies/science.

I really cannot express how exciting this feels. 

I really cannot express my gratitude towards Rob enough.

Robert Westerburg thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!”

~Nicola Griggs 

Business Owner.



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