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Jane’s (see above) story is one of complexity, lots of plot twists, and heartache.

But, in reality her story is not as complex as she makes out.

So I decided to keep it simple; because that’s what she craves – Simplicity (and chocolate.)

There’s something else Jane craves – more than anything. The missing ‘magical ingredient’ in her life.

Confidence! Sure, she can act better than Meryl Streep and play her role as a confident woman when all eyes are a gaze, but her reality tells us a much different story. 

One of an unconfident woman who doesn’t feel secure in her body and social situations.

To the outside world looking in – her life looks amazing.

The business. The job. The family. The house. But there’s an inner turmoil going on.

One of uncertainty and confusion.   


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Searching for ‘confidence’ in diets and grueling exercise regimes are just one of the things Jane has tried to get ‘That Body.’

But the outcome is always the same.

She feels no different. The ‘confidence’ always escapes her.

So Jane reverts to old habits – and the change? …

… Short-Lived! Which leaves her frustrated, emotional, and with another failure story to add to the memory bank.

Jane’s life outside of work and business is one of a hermit. Rarely socialising because she feels like the “odd one out” in her circle of friends and FEARS judgement from others.

She comes armed with many excuses up her sleeve to avoid confrontation when the dreaded question hurtles towards her …

“Are you coming out this Saturday Jane?”

It’s only when peer pressure gets the better of her, that she gives in reluctantly  and goes with the flow.

Terrified and on edge that she will get judged harshly by others – she uses alcohol to NUMB her insecurities and fit in with the rest of the group.

“I don’t care what they think or say about me” is a common phrase that whirls around in Jane’s head to help her feel safe in social situations.

But, she does care what others think and say about her.

She cares a lot.

Jane 2

Jane has an amazing ability to help people with their problems, but never her own.

She puts a huge emphasis on pleasing others –  it makes her feel fantastic to do so. 

Until the favours go un-noticed and un-returned. Then the shit really hit’s the fan.  

Feeling unappreciated and unrecognised for all her ‘good-will’ – Jane blows up after taking it for so long and reacts with a negative Facebook status update that attracts a lot of attention. 

To which she replies“I’m Fine!” Jane just wants thanks, recognition, and the kindness she deserves – instead of being hurt by the people she pleases. 

The strangest thing is, it always happens. And it continues to happen.

To the point where she asks herself “What’s wrong with me?”  Her confidence has just taken another nasty turn for the worst. 

With a MANIC mind, always running at hyper-speed and a life that contains so many different balls to juggle, Jane loves to set goals. But, never sticks to them. 

Daydreaming about the way things could be and should be – Jane just wants to achieve in life.

But, her actions are never in alignment with the what she says or sets out to do – She even calls herself – ‘fly-by-night’ as well as lots of other nasty and self-damaging names. 

The horrific time Jane gives herself for the broken promises and numerous goals she can never attain or reach. 

Not only affects her relationship with loved ones – but also with herself.  

Sending her self-esteem and self-confidence plummeting further into the ground. 

My question is – does Jane’s story sound familiar to yours?

Jane 3


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If you’re thinking “Oh my god! That’s me he’s describing!”

 Then The Confidence Factor is what you’ve been searching for all along.

 But, I just want to check in with you before you race off to invest in this confidence-boosting program.

 Would you be willing to take steps in…

• How to master yourself in the shortest time possible, so you can feel confident in any given social situation.

• Breakthrough solutions to keep your dignity in tact and get the recognition you deserve (no more feeling pissed off) while you’re trying to please others.

• Secret techniques to break free from the comparison cycle that could kill off any self-esteem and confidence that you do have left.

• A “can’t miss” way to set yourself up for success and achieve time and time again rather than the dreaded failure that keeps you in the dark.

• The harsh truth behind goal setting and why you always end up heading off in a totally different direction to where you really want to go.

• How to make yourself bullet-proof against judgemental people who love nothing better than to tear you and your confidence down.

• Discover how to feel empowered – and remove the emotional crippling pain that keeps you stuck – and second guessing yourself.

• Why your reactions are having a negative effect on your confidence – and ultimately – your happiness.

• How the ‘secret’ tiniest of changes in your environments can lead to more productivity and a swift decrease in overwhelm and anxiety.


Is This The Jane You’re Looking For?


Jane 4

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‘The Confidence Factor’ is a two-week coaching program where you will take step by step action to empowerment & confidence.

This confidence-boosting program will take place within a safe and secret Facebook group (which you will gain instant access when you join) where you will be supported by a World Class Coach (Me.) and connect with like minded fun people, just like yourself.

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